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Eucomis comosa – Sparkling Burgundy

Eucomis Comosa, Sparkling Burgundy

Eucomis comosa – Sparkling Burgundy or also called Pineapple Lily – Sparkling Burgundy is a member of the Asparagaceae family ...

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Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’

Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ or Purple Coneflower. Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ is native North America and a member of the ...

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Liatris spicata ‘Floristan White’

White Gayfeather, Button Snakewort, Blazing Star, Liatris Callilepis

Liatris spicata ‘Floristan White’ is also known as White Gayfeather, Button Snakewort, Blazing Star, Liatris callilepis a member of the ...

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Hydrangea paniculata ‘Floribunda’

Hydrangea Paniculata - Floribunda

Hydrangea Paniculata ‘Floribunda’ or Hydrangea ‘Floribunda’ is a member of the Hydrangaceae family of plants. Hydrangea Paniculata ‘Floribunda’ is a ...

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Calceolaria integrifolia

Calceolaria integrifolia

Native to Chile and Peru, Calceolaria integrifolia, or also called the Bush Slipperwort is part of the Calceolariaceae family of ...

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Zantedeschia aethopica – Calla Lily

Zantedeschia, Calla Lily, Arum Lily

Zantedeschia aethopica, Calla Lily, or Arum Lily belongs to the Araceae family of plants. Zantedeschia aethopica native to South Africa ...

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Aster novae-angliae

Symphyotrichum Novae-angliae

Aster novae-angliae ‘Purple Cloud’ or Symphyotrichum novae-angliae ‘Purple Cloud‘ or New England Aster is a member of the Asteraceae family ...

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Impatiens ‘Divine Violet’

Impatiens Divine Violet

Impatiens ‘Divine Violet’ a member of the Balsaminaceae family of plants creates beds of color throughout summer and fall. Impatiens ...

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Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’

Ilex Aquifolium - Argentea Marginata, Silver-margined Holly

Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’, Silver-margined Holly belongs to Aquifoliaceae family of plants. Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’ is an evergreen tree ...

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Salvia jamensis ‘Hot Lips’

Salvia Jamensis - Hot Lips

Salvia jamensis ‘Hot Lips’ or Sage ‘Hot Lips’ another member of the Lamiaceae family has bi-colored flowers white and red. ...

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