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Grevillea banksii

Grevillea banksii is an ornamental shrub that can grow to about 20ft, almost like a small tree and if you want it bushy you can train it by pruning it. It grows in sun or shade. It has interesting red flowers which flower for a rather long period in spring and summer.

Grevillea Banksii, red
Grevillea banksii

It is commonly called Red Silky Oak and it is native to Australia, you might also hear it called Kahili Tree especially in the Hawaiian Islands. Grevillea banksii is drought-tolerant, but it is very exotic looking especially the flowers.

It belongs to the Proteaceae family of plants. The flowers and the seed pods could be toxic so be aware. It is a hardy plant especially in warmer climates, they do not tolerate frost. You can propagate by cuttings or seeds.

Grevillea Banksii, London
Grevillea banksii
Grevillea Banksii

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