Amelanchier lamarckii

Amelanchier lamarckii is a deciduous shrub or a small tree. It is part of the Rosaceae family of plants. It is also known as Amelanchier botryapium  (L. f.) Borkh., Amelanchier canadensis K. Koch, Snowy Amelanchier laevis, Mespilus, Serviceberry, Shadblow, Shadbrush, Sarvisberry, Sugarplum, Wild-plum, or Juneberry. It is native to North America. It is a hardy plant and adapts to difficult conditions.

Amelanchier lamarckii - Juneberry
Amelanchier lamarckii or Juneberry

The foliage on Amelanchier lamarckii is bronze-colored which turns reddish in autumn. The flowers are white, fragrant and appear in spring as the leaves unfurl. After flowering dark purple berries are produced that either it is consumed by birds or are made into jams and jellies. This plant can grow from 8 to 12m or 24 to 36ft high.

Amelanchier lamarckii
Amelanchier lamarckii, Mespilus, Serviceberry, Shadblow, Shadbrush

Plant Amelanchier lamarckii in full sun or partial shade using moist, lime-free, well-drained soil. However, if the autumn colors are important to you, then plant in the sun. It is pest-free, but watch out for Fireblight. Propagate by seed or semi-hardwood cuttings. Amelanchier lamarckii requires minimal pruning, just shaping and removing dead branches. Prune after the flowering season is over.

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