Spiraea alba or White Meadowsweet

Spiraea alba is native to eastern North America. It is part of the Rosaceae family of plants. It is also known as Meadowsweet, Pipestem, Pale Bridewort, White Meadowsweet or Narrowleaf. Spiraea alba attracts butterflies and bees. It grows to about 8ft or 2.8m. The leaves are alternate, glossy, and lighter green and in autumn they turn yellow.

Spiraea alba, Meadowsweet
Spiraea alba or Meadowsweet

Meadowsweet flowers are fragrant and appear early summer through September, usually white but occasionally pink in color. They are clusters of spikes at the end of the branches. Each flower is about 1/4″ or 40mm and has five petals and a lot of stamens. After flowering, Spiraea alba produces brown fruit. Songbirds feed on the brown seed pods. Spring Azure butterfly or Celastrina ladon uses this plant for its larvae. Leaf beetle, Tricholochmaea spiraeae also feeds on this plant. Also watch out for aphids, Totrix moths.

Spiraea alba
Spiraea alba or Meadowsweet

Spiraea alba should be planted in the sun, in moist , poorly-drained or wet soil containing peat and organic material. It does tolerate standing water.

Spiraea alba, Meadowsweet
Spiraea alba or Meadowsweet

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