Mandevilla laxa

Mandevilla laxa is from the Apocynaceae family of plants and it is native to South America, specifically to northern Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. It is a deciduous vine suitable for more temperate climates. Mandevilla Laxa also dislikes very hot walls. It grows to 20ft or about 6m. In the UK as well as colder climates it should be grown in a greenhouse to protect it from frost. It is commonly called Chilean Jasmine. The flowers are fragrant. Plant it in full sun but provide them with some shade as well. Water it regularly but don’t overdo it.

Mandevilla Laxa attracts bees, butterflies, and birds. Flowers appear late spring to early fall. It is drought and heat tolerant. Plant it in sandy well-draining soil but with a lot of organic material so mix peat moss and sand with your potting soil. You don’t want to use too much sand perhaps 2 part peat moss and 2 for soil to only 1 part for sand. Plan some sort of support for this vine. In spring cut any dead flowers and in autumn in frosty climates move it inside and trim it back to get ready for the next year. In more temperate climates you can leave it outside. Propagate Mandevilla Laxa from seeds or woody stem cuttings.

Mandevilla Laxa
Mandevilla Laxa

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