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Verbena hastata

Verbena hastata is also known as Verbena pinnatifid, American Blue Vervain, American Simpler’s Joy, Blue Vervain, Wild Hyssop, Ironweed. It is part of the Verbenaceae family of plants.

Verbena hastata is a clump-forming, deciduous perennial. It is native to North America. It usually grows in wet meadows.

Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata at Kew Garden, London, UK

The lance-shaped foliage is narrow and about 6in or 15cm long and sharply toothed. The Verbena hastata flowers appear in early summer and continue into autumn.

Verbena hastata produces blue-violet or purplish flowers on tall spikes which are also branched and look like candelabras. The small flowers open from the bottom to the top. The flowers attract butterflies.

Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata

Locate Verbena hastata in the sun. Plant Verbena hastata in moderately rich and fertile soil that is moist but well-drained. Propagate Verbena hastata by seed or division or by softwood cuttings. In its natural habitat, it spreads by rhizomes or through self-seeding.

Cut Verbena hastata back when the flowers are done. Verbena hastata is easy to grow. It is generally disease-free and pest-free. Protect this plant in winter by adding mulch.

Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata

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