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Nymphoides indica

Nymphoides indica is part of the Menyanthaceae family of plants. It is a perennial, aquatic plant. It is native to tropical locations around the world. They also call it Nymphoides aquatic, Limnanthemum indicum, Villarsia indica, Banana Plant, Floating Heart, Robust Marshwort, Water Snowflake.

Nymphoides indica
Nymphoides indica at Waterlily House at Kew Gardens, London, UK

Nymphoides indica is a floating plant rooted in the soil. It has long stems. The stems produce nodes and spread. The leaves are round or heart-shaped.

Each plant can produce several flowers. The flowers are white with a yellow center. The petals are finger on the surface. Each flower lasts a day. Seed capsules follow the flowers. The seeds are brown and spherical.

Nymphoides indica
Nymphoides indica

How to grow Nymphoides indica:

Grow Nymphoides indica in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in rich, sandy loam. Plant it about 30-60cm or 1-2ft of water depth. In warm climates, Nymphoides indica spreads rapidly. The plant leaves and buds are used as food in some parts of the world. Propagate from offsets and leaves.

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